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Cancer-Zero, Me-One!


The Me-One Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing adult cancer patients and their families a respite from the disease. Since 2008, Me-One has hosted a no-cost getaway weekend for cancer patients, their extended families and their supporters.

Through our annual Camp Challenge, we give families impacted by cancer the gift of time – time to rekindle connections, time to laugh, time to share and time to remember what “normal” feels like.

Camp Challenge – Where healing happens.

The Me-One Foundation is singular in its focus. We are all about the perfect place for adult cancer patients to disconnect from their diagnosis and recharge their relationships.

Camp Challenge is not about roughing it – in fact, it’s about being completely cared for in an inspiring natural setting, and leaving behind the stressful routine of doctor visits and treatments.

Camper Application

Volunteer Application  

 Thank you Woodcreek High School
National Honor Society and All of Our Participants
for an AWESOME Fun Run for Me-One
on Saturday, February 22!
We love your energy and your support!

 Shawn Habermehl Photography




Keeping Life’s Scoreboard at Cancer-Zero, Me-One!



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Camp Challenge

The free annual event that reminds families of a parent with cancer that life is to be lived and loved each second of each day! Join the fun and laughter here!

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